About your kitesurfing stay in Galicia

kitesurfing trip galiciaFind here all the practical information about your kitesurfing trip Galicia.
In the first place, information on wind conditions and kitesurfing spots.
Then, on your instructor and kitesurfing guide,
Finally, you can also learn more about our philosophy.

For more information about our services, please visit the school page.
In addition, you can also learn more about kite trips for experienced riders.
Finally, you can check the details of the multi activities packs in Galicia, allowing one to combine surfing, yoga, or fishing along your kitesurfing trip galicia.

Practical information about your stay kite in Galicia

le kitesurf en galice

Kitesurf in Galicia

Kitesurf Galicia, a riding heaven

Kitesurf Galicia, kiting in paradise. Galicia offers an idyllic setting of waves and wind. Discover virgin spots and an immaculate nature.

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spots de kite en galice

Transient kite trip

Discover the kitesurfing spots

You will be guided to multiple kitesurfing spots in Galicia, selected according to the wind directions and tide windows.

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kite galicia

Your kite instructor

Kite Galicia, your private guide

Laurent, your kitesurfing and surfing instructor and guide in Galicia, will look after you throughout your stay.

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kite et surf

Kite and Surf

Combine kite and surf in Galicia

Galicia is the ideal place to combine kite and surf. No matter your level, we can offer a pack suited to your needs.

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Kitesurf Galicia

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