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The surf in Galicia

Surfing in Galicia is one of the most obvious alternatives to kitesurfing, along your discovery of this beautiful region.
The surf in Galicia is
consistent throughout the year.
Indeed, its geolocation allows it to recover the swells of the Atlantic from almost all directions. Thus, the conditions are excellent. They will delight both beginners, wishing an alternative activity in case of a kite in the framework of a kitesurfing course, than the most experienced. These will find conditions for all levels.

Your guide and kitesurf instructor is above all an experienced surfer. He will guide you on the surf spots in Galicia according to the conditions of the moment.
Every day, he will tell you the best spot. Either according on your level if you’re experienced, either by introducing you to the basics on adapted spots if you are a novice.

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