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Kiting in Galicia

Kiting in Galicia counts among the most unforgettable experiences, as much by the diversity as the beauty of the kitesurfing sites.

With its natural setting, Galicia offers wind throughout the year, between winter depressions, summer breeze and other maritime inputs.
The Galician coast offers multiple configurations, which make practicable with all directions of wind. In addition, the diversity of spots and conditions will delight the most experienced kiteboarders. Indeed, Galicia offers perfectly flat water,as much as perfect waves.
Finally, especially perfect waves: if some spots are totally suited to secure teaching, others are exclusively for experienced kitesurfers. On the other hand, those will find gems of private wave riding, and will come out of there dripping with adrenaline.

Your kitesurf guide and instructor, also an experienced surfer, will guide you on the kitef spots in Galicia, according to the conditions of the moment.
Each day, it will tell you the best spot to ride on, depending on your level, or will introduce you to the basics on suitable spots if you are new to the sport

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