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Fishing in Galicia

Fishy Galicia. A fisherman delight. Fishing in Galicia, by the water’s edge at the end of the day is almost a mystical experience for those who love the discipline.

First, expert fisherman, your surf guide and kite can boast about eating his own fishing weekly,
Equipped for both mackerel and octopus, he will take pleasure in introducing you to the intricacies of local fishing.

In addition, with the most skilled, he will share his lost corners fish packed and its equipment. In addition, a sunset session (necessarily perfect with a beer) will not fail to add to your beautiful memories.

Thus, this little parenthesis of tranquility in the middle of the action will fit right in your kite holiday.

Finally, fishing enthusiasts can contact us for a custom quote kiting and fishing in Galicia. For this, tell us the frequency of desired fishing sessions during your stay.
Thus, we can make you a proposal in adequacy.

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