yoga in galicia

Yoga in Galicia

Yoga in Galicia is one of the most accessible alternatives as part of a kitesurfing journey.
Because of this, Kitesurf Galicia has a yoga teacher, who can integrate an initiation or a course during your stay.

In addition, with its breathtaking landscapes and lights, Galicia suits wonderfully the discipline. Its large spaces, its poetic landscapes, its scents are so many invitations to meditation.
Thus, this little parenthesis of zenitude will integrate perfectly within your kite stay.
First a little adrenaline, then relaxation (or vice versa).
In addition, the formula including yoga offers the advantage of being doable regardless of weather conditions.

Finally, yoga enthusiasts can contact us for a custom quote for a course along their kite trip. On this purpose, let us know the frequency of yoga sessions desired during your stay and we will do a matching offer.

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