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Kite instructor and surf guide in Galicia

surf guide in Galicia

Laurent, your instructor for your kite lessons will also be your surf guide in Galicia.
Equipped with the double cap teaching kitesurfing and surfing, you will looked after throughout your stay.

Whether you are a beginner needing private lessons or an experienced rider wishing to master his strapless wave riding (or just be on the right spot, at the right time), Laurent will share his experience as his local knowledge.

Years of experience

Laurent first discovered Galicia in 2004. Amazed by the potential of the place, he returned religiously for many years.Finally, in 2013; he settled there.

In fact, you will benefit with Laurent from an extensive knowledge of the spots and conditions, forecast readings and local effects. The ultimate surf guide in Galicia, which will guide you to the right sport, the right tide, and the right time.

But not only.

In love with nature, Laurent will share with you his simple approach of life, to make the most of the conditions of a given moment. Fishing enthusiast since his teenage, Laurent will take pleasure in throwing a line with you. Passionate surfer (a tad burnt head), with an increased knowledge of local swells, he is the guide of choice for your kite trip, surf trip, or both!

kite et surf guide en Galice

An all rounded waterman

Laurent has not only been practicing Galicia for over a decade, he has been teaching kitesurfing for much longer.

He began kitesurfing at the beginning of sports in the 2000s, in South Africa. He became an instructor four years later, paired with his surf instructor diploma.
With more than a decade of experience teaching kitesurfing, Laurent trained hundreds of trainees around the globe: Egypt, Vietnam, Greece.
So many destinations that made him appreciate the conditions offered by Galicia for teaching kitesurfing (far from crowds and marked beaches).

Fisherman, surfer and experienced kite surfer, Laurent will pass on his passions and share his knowledge of the place.

Thus, practice spots will be adapted each day depending on the tide, the wind and sea conditions and your level.

surf guide en Galice

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First, Kitesurf Galicia offers for beginners, private lessons and full kitesurfing courses.

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Then we offer private lessons and supervision for kitesurfers already independant.

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Kite and surf trip

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Finally, for autonomous kitesurfers, we propose a trip kite and surf mixing the two activities.

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